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Home alone with a "T"

Posted by: Dog (dawg11@flash.net) on Tue Jan 4 00:29:50 2000

Hello to all: Thought I would share something that I always found helpful when preparing for up and coming hardball seasons. Stand a homeplate, with a Tee set on top of the plate. Hit a bucket of balls off the tee with your bat, metal or wood and record your distances using rotation vs weight shift. Stride vs no-stride. Or a combination of any of the above, the data can be very enlightening. When I could drive balls out of the park off the tee with some consistency then I tried to hone in and duplicate those mechanics over and over. I knew I had found or had arrived close to the swing I was looking for. Just a thought, and remember the tee in my opinion is the very best single traing tool that game has. I feel live batting practice in addition to tee work are the very best ways to develope swing mechanics. I am not into the latest greatest gadgets that are so over marketed these days. Just a thought--dog


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