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Re: Re: Re: SKIPPER, question about timing

Posted by: Skipper (csu2727.com) on Wed Jan 5 13:02:03 2000

> Hi Skipper,
> Can you please explain your statement from the previous post below? Thanks.
> "I think we would all agree that reaching maximum velocity before contact (even if maintained through contact) is not in the best interest of applying maximum force to the baseball."
Sure Steve;
A given is the old F=MA (Force = Mass X Acceleration) Thus, my statement inferes that there should be acceleration through - not to contact. The formual is not Force = Mass X Velocity. So even if the maximum velocity was reached prior to contact - maintained at contact - and consistant after contact - physics tell us that a greater force will be exerted through the use of acceleration.

EXAMPLE: where the contact bat speed is X and equal in both 1 & 2

1. Start swing (X-50), acceleration to (X), contact (X), post contact (X), deceleration (X-30) - (X-50)end swing

2. Start swing (X-50), acceleration to (X), contact (X), post contact (X+5), deceleration (X-30) - (X-50) end swing.

Because of the acceleration through the contact point a greater force is delivered even with the same impact velocity as represented by (X).

Hope this helps



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