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Posted by: david (foxx006@yahoo.com) on Sat Mar 30 16:52:46 2002

ok, so i'm playing on 2 baseball teams this year, both senior league.....i really want to buy a baseball bat, i dont know which one to get though....i am thinking about one of the new eastons because they are selling for a reasonable price.... has anyone swung the "Octane" the "triple 7" the "gold redline"??????????????????????? i want something with lots of pop (obviously)...also what is ur take on the type of bats...i mean there are some bats that when hit on the sweet spot they ping like no other ( a good ping ) and there are some that make you feel nothing.....which kidns of bats are better? i love that ping tho and the only bats i've swung that have it are worth coppertops and easton reacts which i assume are no longer made.....

so i need some help on that!!!

also i have another dilema...im in 8th grade which means next year i willl be moving from the senior league to high school, this means i cant use a -8 (or so) drop...is it legal to play high school witha -5??? i dont think so ....im pretty sure it has to be -3
anyways my problem is that i am aboiut 5' 3" and when i get a bat im not sure if i should get a -3 that i could use for next year or just a -8 for this year because after all it will get alot of use from me being on 2 teams and all....

so i would really appreciate some help...just post or email would be great

thanks so much...



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