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Re: Re: Re: Re: Positional Hitting

Posted by: Willyboy (lineman4@ymail.com) on Mon Jan 9 05:00:25 2012

> I have the book postional hitting .And in my opion that book is so much in line with Bat Speed.Com ideas on hittting.That I wonder if the writter of postional hitting took most of his ideas from this website.The one problem and difference I belive in the postional hitting book . Is that the author teaches as soon as the swing begins the hitter should get the bathead flat right away. doing that can cause the the bathead to get below the level of the front shoulder and take a wrong swing path.Bat speed.com had a clip of Arod slumping and his bat head was dipping below his front shoulder.But other then that I belive postional hitting authur Jamie CEvallos ideas are closer to to bat speeds ideas then any one eleses


I disagree. Yesterday we did some video analysis of our hitters. We use the Right View Pro (RVP), and those teachings seem to be in line with Jack's here at Batspeed. Our best hitters, captured in their best swings, never get into several of the positions advocated by Jamie Cevallos. We even used a Albert Pujols swing, captured on RVP, to try to match what Jaime is teaching to what he says Albert is doing. Jaime uses Albert as an example many times in his book. Albert does not seem to match Jaime's model of a good swing. In fact, Albert's swing looked exactly like our player's swings when put side by side (other than Albert's set up).

I would love to discuss this with someone that has had success using the Positional Hitting model. Until then, I cannot buy into the crazy, forced and broke wristed, bat angles that Jaime teaches.

As I was reading his book, there were some thoughts of his that I really liked. Others made me cringe and overall eventually have caused me to disregard Jaime as an expert.


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