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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Inside the ball

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Sun Aug 24 19:09:11 2008

> I hear what you're saying THG but, I think for some, inside the ball makes sense as a cue, not necessarily as a literal action.
> I mean obviously, the hands HAVE to be inside the ball on ANY swing but, again, for some, inside the ball does help keeping the hands close to the body during the swing.

"Hands inside the ball"

Like stated earlier in order to hit the ball the hands have to be inside the ball. I agree, but that is not what the cue is used for. Upon starting the swing the hands can get outside the ball, such as in casting the hands away from the body. Yes the hands will get back inside the ball but you will be slicing through the ball outside in. Hands inside the ball and the fence drill is used the keep from casting and to keep the hands inside the ball the whole way.



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