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Re: Re: Positional Hitting

Posted by: Willyboy (lineman4@ymail.com) on Fri Jan 6 04:48:12 2012

> I'm not Jack but I have had the book for a few months and I stayed at a
> Holiday Inn last night. I agree that the bat position he proposes does
> not resemble any high level swing I have seen before. The idea of
> maximizing the time the bat is in the contact zone is good but not at
> the cost of efficiency and power. It is also the only book I have ever
> bought where the illustrations drive me absolutely crazy, I can't stand
> the look of the whole book so it is hard to read. Just my $.02 but I do
> not recommend the book.

I agree. I am planning on doing some filming this weekend and see what differences his approach will make.


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