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Re: Re: Re: Re: Inside the ball

Posted by: THG () on Thu Aug 21 13:49:27 2008

> Melvin,
> Ease up.
> When a hitter "steps in the bucket" there is not actually a bucket there, or when a hitter "squishes the bug", they are not really doing so.
> > > > Is "the fence drill" the only known way to teach keeping hands inside the ball?<<
> >
> > There is no way to not have the hands "inside the ball."
> >
> > If the hands were not "inside the ball," the ball would hit the batter on the forearm or wrist.
> >
> > This is a stupid term and needs to be retired.

Hudson4555. You should be used to Melvin by now. He is a tell it like it is kind of guy.

But with regard to the argument the term is better stated as keep your hands close to the body when you swing. It facilitates the tight arc necessary for a faster circular hand path.


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