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Re: Re: No Such Thing

Posted by: South () on Tue Sep 8 09:04:16 2009

I don't believe in a downward swing. That upward high/hard finish on a swing does give you carry. The principles presented on the web-site are good ones....bat speed comes from the hips and the swing starts from the ground up. But you cannot teach this swing as "all rotational". Most of the guys classified as rotational hitters, are power hitters who do not exhibit the best averages. You have freaks of nature like Puljos who are posses physical attributes that nobody else has.

If you swing rotational as described here, you bat is not going to be in contact zone any longer, it will actually be shorter. You are circling and pull the bat off the ball. How do you hit an outside pitch? How do you stay inside a sharp slider or slow curve to DRIVE the pitch? The swing described here is going to produce a dead pull hitter. Jeter is not a rotational hitter, he hits inside out which has some "linear" mechanics to it.

Again, my points are that there is not a purely rotational hitter or purely linear hitter. Hitting needs to be kept simple and not explained in physics terms.


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